Neutronics Ambient Gas Monitors

Neutronics provides a comprehensive line of gas detectors for continuous monitoring of flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen deficiency. Designed to safeguard against a wide range of industrial gas hazards associated with confined entry, chemical processing, material handling, packaging, waste processing, oil and gas production, refining, and food and beverage manufacturing, these units offer excellent performance and reliability.

Fixed and portable gas detectors are available for monitoring a wide range of toxic gases, VOCs, flammable gases, CO2, and O2. Fixed detection systems include single and multi-point configurations. Intrinsically safe portable gas detectors are available with up to four sensors in various combinations for simultaneous gas monitoring.

Neutronics Ambient Gas Monitoring Systems & Accessories:

Model MGT3 – intrinsically safe fixed gas detectors

Model MGT4 – safe area fixed gas detectors, loop powered

Model MGT10 – explosion proof/flameproof fixed gas detectors

Model MGT14 – safe area fixed gas detectors, mains/DC powered

Model SCA – single channel gas detector control units

Model MCA – multi-channel control panels

Model PGA – intrinsically safe portable gas monitors