Neutronics Model 1100 – Compact, Percent Range Oxygen Analyzer with Disposable Electrochemical Sensor

The Neutronics Model 1100 is a compact modular analyzer for use in a variety of industrial applications. The unit’s measurement range extends from 0-1% up to 0-100% and its small footprint makes it easy to install.

The Model 1100 features a reliable electrochemical sensor that can be mounted remotely at the sampling point to ensure a fast response time. A flow-through mounting head allows the sensor to be horizontally or vertically mounted directly into the sampled process gas stream.



Sensor: Disposable CAG-250E electrochemical cell, remote mount (alternate sensors available upon request)

Measurement Range: 0-1%/0-10%/0-25%/0-50%/0-100% auto range or fixed range

Display: 0.75” (19.05mm) LED digital display, Color coded LEDs for system status, Alarms 1&2= RED, system fault= YELLOW, OK and online= GREEN

Response Time: <15 seconds for 90% step change

Accuracy: At constant temperature: ±2%

Operating Temperature: 5-40º C

Signal Interface: RS-232 service port, 4-20mA negative ground, 0-10VDC range ID and choice of 0-1VDC, 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC analog oxygen signal

Alarm Outputs: Two alarms with adjustable form C relay outputs. Configurable for fail-safe or fail-alarm mode, ascending or descending trip. One system fault relay. Status LEDs are provided for each alarm.
Unit is provided with external cell which is mounted locally to the area being sampled.

Electrical Connections: Removable terminal blocks on back of analyzer

Power, Analyzer: 5W at 115/230 VAC50/60Hz, single phase or 12-30VDC (battery backup capability)

Environmental Ratings, Analyzer: Faceplate: NEMA type 4, IP66 Housing: NEMA type 1, IP20

Warranty: Analyzer Electronics: 12 months, Sensor: CAG 250E 24 months

Weight: Analyzer: Less than 2lb. (0.9kg)

0 to 100% measurement range
High performance electrochemical sensor
Withstands high levels of CO2, CO, and other acidic gases
Two year sensor service life
Fast single-point calibration